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1. A sudden feeling of intense dread associated with the Toyota Prius hybrid automobile.

Owners of the formerly chic enviro-friendly car now live in fear that their vehicle will suddenly accelerate out of control, propelling them over a cliff.

2. The scourge of the Toyota PR Department. Whether true or not, millions of people now believe that the Prius is a dangerous car.
"My wife insists on driving my old Chevy Mailbu to work now. She's got a bad case of Prius Panic."
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by Peter Kobs March 11, 2010
Term used to describe the feeling many people, especially men, get when they end up behind a Prius while driving home from work.
Prius panic
Man 1: Oh Christ. I hope this asshole turns. I'd like to make it home before fucking 9.

Man 2: No kidding. Never seen a Prius go the speed limit.

Man 1: Yes! It's turning! *prius slowly comes to a full stop and turns slower than a fucking Amish carriage*
by Getofftheroad October 20, 2015
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