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Wall Street trader slang for:
1) To print a ticket, i.e. make a trade or seal the deal
2) To have sex with a woman - seal the deal
(on the trading floor)
Karen Hooker (Merrill Lynch trader): "I'll sell you 1000 shares of Motel 6 stock for $50 apiece."
Chris Taylor (Bear Stearns trader): "Done! Print that!"
Karen: "I'll also sell you long positions on Google, Blackstone, and Merrill, and a short position on Bear Stearns."
Chris: "I'll take it all! Oh yeah! Money money money money!!!"

(later at Chris' home)
Chris' wife: "How was your day? Why are you home so late?"
Chris: "Well, there was this girl - Hooker, actually. You know, the old Motel 6 deal. I totally printed that shit! She gave it up for only 50 bucks! Then she got me in all these positions and I must have printed four or five more times! Damn I'm tired from all that action. I'm hitting the sack."
Chris' wife: ***SMACK!!!*** "Get out now! How could you do this to your loving wife and poor little children?"
by Nicholas D June 23, 2007
The imprint of one's penis and or genitals, visible through tight pants or clothing.
"Yo, I can see yo 'print!"
by Weiler November 20, 2004
To produce something in ink
I printed the exam
by moo! October 29, 2003
A visible indication that someone is carrying a concealed firearm. IE: An abnormal bulge under the armpit or in the waistband.
Hey - see the guy in the Hawaiian shirt? Looks like he's printing, he's probably packing under there.
by strangesibby April 29, 2009
guy's code word for pornography, normally a stash of porn.
Dude, lemme see those prints of Eva Angelina you got!
by EmilyKnowsWho April 22, 2008
When someone is so subservant in a relationship (see under the thumb) that the thumb print can almost be seen on their forehead
Bloody hell he's turned into a right print
by jmc1979 October 19, 2010
a code word for gangsters who are making illegal money.
"weve got a whole case of prints out back"
by krazydave September 13, 2009