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Unspoken understanding or respect among men.
Bolo refuses to have a manly steak dinner with WallyB due to the Principality that WallyB is so Pussy Whipped with his Saggy that WallyB only wants to talk about Saggy over dinner.
by OGBOLO June 19, 2010
A reason for choosing a particular course of action when other, clearly less selfish or stupid options were available to you at the time. Most often, these other options include not committing that particular act in the first place.
"Dude, why did you wipe your balls on my girlfriends face when she was sleeping?" "Principalities"
by voltron99 August 12, 2005
The term used when you are accepting an event/situation for what it is, but still have to stress the principle of the matter.
I know they're going to continue to be bogus, but it's the principality of it.
by Heisenberg17 January 10, 2016
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