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3 definitions by OGBOLO

Little Yellow Fucking Machine....Mainly meant for Chinese, Korean, and other lighter skin Asian ladies.....as they are build to be fucked.
Wallybob is heading to CEO Health Spa to enjoy himself LYFM.....
by OGBOLO July 14, 2009
Lunch time sex break but with a twist, anal sex is involved.
WallyB pays a visit to Saggy to perform a nooner pooper on her during his lunch hour. A Happy WallyB leaves right after all soiled up but with a smile.
by OGBOLO March 02, 2010
Unspoken understanding or respect among men.
Bolo refuses to have a manly steak dinner with WallyB due to the Principality that WallyB is so Pussy Whipped with his Saggy that WallyB only wants to talk about Saggy over dinner.
by OGBOLO June 19, 2010