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A fine sweet ass. And a nice rack too.
Unfortunatly, she's always in another castle. 8 seems to be her lucky number.
King Koopa and Mario Fight over who gets to fuck with her, but we all know she gets off with Luigi.

Shes hot, even in 2D, dont say otherwise.
Sorry, but the Princes is fucking in anotehr castle.
by Flame060 February 16, 2005
won't stay in one fucking palce
Mario done got pissed when that bitch Princess Peach wasn't there so he could lay pipe (get it? He's a plumber).
by The Pat Masta Flex May 20, 2009
complete slut. cheating on mario with luigi.
Toad: Mario! You wouldn't believe what i saw that slut bitch Princess Peach of your sdoing last night!

Mario: What was she doing?

Toad: She was letting luigi ram it right up her bum!

Mario: oh that stupid son of a bitch. im gonna find one of them magic mushrooms and KICK HIS ASS!
by Champ!! August 22, 2006
Princess who gets kidnapped and raped everyday, by Bowser (one horny bastard!), Baby Bowser, and others.
Either the security at the Toadstool castle is mega-sucky or Princess Peach is turned on by rapists.
by Teagreen March 16, 2008
The princess of the mushroom kingdom. Girlfriend of mario. Exists only to be saved by mario. Annoying. Always in another castle. Nice tits.
Man, 4 chan has a lot of princess peach porn.
by Bob mcbobington July 15, 2008
That bitch in mario that you always have to rescue from a giant immortal fire breathing turtle.
You: Yey i saved Princess Peach
Taod: Sorry but our princess is in another castle
You: FUCK!!
Mario: To the next castle
You: Ok im gonna find her, save her, kill bowser, fuck her, eat some tacos, then kill her.
by P0TaT0--King March 15, 2010
A princess from the Mario Games who always gets captured, saved by mario, and then gives him nothing for his troubles.
Princess Peach is a useless princess who is constantly captured and saved by mario.
by DaRandomBoy October 12, 2007
She was last seen cheating on Mario with Bowser.
I'm still pissed off that Princess Peach used me as a punching bag in both Smash Brothers games.
by Toad October 27, 2003