one who can store an infinite amount of turnips in her concrete vagina
Mario: Oh shit, princess peach is gonna hit me with one of her vagina turnips.

Captain Falcon: Nope, looks like a vagina Bo-omb this time.
by GayTurner May 06, 2009
sum dumb bitch who manages to get her fuckin self kidnapped by some gay turtle named bowser. she's a total dick
Princess Peach : save me mario!

Mario : Not this time bitch
by thatemokid13 August 10, 2008
A female that won't give it up to a guy that has constantly done things for her over the years
That chick is a princess peach. I don't know why you keep doing things for her
by Eargasm_Eso July 17, 2011
a princess who lives in the mushroomkingdom. she is often (and i mean really often) getting kipnaped by mainly bowser, or occasionly a whole new character, meaning mario has to rescue her again.
you'll never get princess peach!
im sorry, but the princess is in another castle.
by peachgirl January 11, 2012
a princess peach is a very juicy and tight vagina. when excited, she squirts out a clear liquid that tastes like a peach. she loves to be rubbed and licked. beware of unexpected queef attacks.
Check out that chick! i wish i could put my tongue inside her princess peach!
by queefycakes July 10, 2009

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