A princess from the Mario Games who always gets captured, saved by mario, and then gives him nothing for his troubles.
Princess Peach is a useless princess who is constantly captured and saved by mario.
by DaRandomBoy October 12, 2007
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one who can store an infinite amount of turnips in her concrete vagina
Mario: Oh shit, princess peach is gonna hit me with one of her vagina turnips.

Captain Falcon: Nope, looks like a vagina Bo-omb this time.
by GayTurner May 06, 2009
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sum dumb bitch who manages to get her fuckin self kidnapped by some gay turtle named bowser. she's a total dick
Princess Peach : save me mario!

Mario : Not this time bitch
by thatemokid13 August 10, 2008
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She was last seen cheating on Mario with Bowser.
I'm still pissed off that Princess Peach used me as a punching bag in both Smash Brothers games.
by Toad October 27, 2003
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Any girl with an extremely good looking booty
Damn dude did you see that girl walk by with her sexy ass booty?! It kind of looked like the peach emoji, you know come to think of it she's definitely a princess peach
by Alwaysalive December 24, 2016
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a princess peach is a very juicy and tight vagina. when excited, she squirts out a clear liquid that tastes like a peach. she loves to be rubbed and licked. beware of unexpected queef attacks.
Check out that chick! i wish i could put my tongue inside her princess peach!
by queefycakes July 10, 2009
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1. Pet name for your girlfriend who has a big booty

2. A well known character in the Super Mario series
1. She's my Princess Peach cuz she's got dat ass ;)

2. That bitch Princess Peach always needs Mario to be saving her tf -_-
by queenxanny21 May 07, 2017
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