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When a guy ejaculates onto a girl (or guy's, we're not discriminating) forehead, thus creating a sort of tiara, while simultaneously buttercupping them (farting into their hand and throwing it into their face). This turns the girl (or guy) into a Princess Buttercup. It is also not unheard of for the farter to be dressed as a moose during the act.
Albert Einstein: Energy equals mass times...
Edgar Allan Poe: Shut the fuck up, Einstein. Galileo, you Princess Buttercup Madame Curie, yet?
Galileo: Fuck yes. Her forehead was sticky with sperm and her face full of stink, just like my grandma's used to be.

Edgar Allan Poe: That's hot.

Galileo: Yes.
Edgar Allan Poe: Imma try that with Lenore.
Galileo: Indeed.
Albert Einstein: Did you dress up like a moose.
Galileo: Yep. Did the full Princess Buttercup.
Albert Einstein: Hardcore.
by elizabethbathoryII August 19, 2011
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