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Princess Anna is the protagonist in Disney's animated movie Frozen (released in November 2013) along side her older sister Queen Elsa(who was born with magic ice powers). Anna and Elsa were really close when they were younger but after an accident (Elsa accidentally hit Anna in the head with her ice magic) their parents isolated Anna and Elsa from the outside world, also erasing any of Anna's memories that Elsa has powers. The Norwegian princess is knowable for her awkard behaviour, her clumsiness and self determination. Anna is also unfeared and has a lot of courage. Anna angers Elsa which causes Elsa to accidentally freeze the kingdom of Arendale eternally. Anna is also so desperate for true love, she decides to marry prins Hans just like that. Anna goes after Elsa to unfreez Arendale and bring back summer with the help of Kristoff (her eventual love interest) and her sister's creation; Olaf (a living snowman).

Looks: Anna has big blue eyes, a light skin color, a cute light freckled face and copper strawberry blonde hair in two braids with one strand of white hair due to being accidentally hit by Elsa with her ice powers. Even though Anna and Elsa have a lot of differences, they have the same features; the same eyes, the same smile, ...

Famous quotes:
"Do you want to build a snowman?"
"That's not a blizzard. That's my sister."
Princess Anna is one of the protagonists (the other being Queen Elsa) in Disney's animated movie Frozen. She's also the only Disney Princess who has a fellow Disney Princess, Elsa. (even though Elsa's the queen.'
by Madame Cassandra December 17, 2013
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