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Suburbs of the Washington DC area, PG county is a disgrace because it is right next to one of the most prestigious, richest Countys in the United States which is Montgomery County home to rich suburbs like Bethesda, Potomac, Olney, and a portion of Silver Spring. PG represent the opposite of these cities their counter parts are Langley Park, Takoma Park, Largo, Hyattsville and a small portion of Bowie. PG county in the first week of 2011 had 15 murders it is home to an immense Hispanic and Black community but fortunately the Black community of PG is relatively not as bad as the other black communities in Compton or Harlem, the Hispanic population in PG is even worst than the community of Los Angeles and Houston, gangs like MS-13 stick fear into the people of Langley Park. But PG county is actually considered the one of the least ghetto suburbs but I still would not live their.
Carly: Shawn the kids want taco bell for dinner.
Shawn: O come on do I really have to go all the way to Prince George County to get some tacos?
Carly: Yes because their are no Taco bells in Montgomery County due to the low Hispanic population and their are many in Prince George County due to large hispanic population.
Shawn: Doesn't that seem a little border line racist?
Carly: Yeah but Taco Bell just wants to make money.
by MerkyMerkina September 16, 2011
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