out of controll crazy scary face one gets when somthing stupid or embarrassing happens in the presents of the one who has the primetime gift (a threating hilarious face).
Nick: "hey mike !, sodapop gallappi brothers at 9/8 central with kubla klouse"

a moment of embarrassment and stupidy happens then

mike walks up slowly to nick and whispers in nicks ear:
Nick turns around and sees mike with a fierce strongheld primetime and what is nick to do but to run in fear. what the primetime does next is a secrete.
A very hot, rich white girl. Most commonly found in the suburbs, and country clubs
Oh no fam!, did you just see the prime-time over there?
by Marvelio May 29, 2008
A hot older woman...because she is prime and NOW is the time! Prime times are cougars that may or may not necessarily be going for younger men, but one thing is for sure, prime times know they are fine!
"Man did you see that prime time! I hope my wife is as hot as her when I get older"
by prime time lover317 June 14, 2009
A good slot.
Can be used in many contexts.
Let's get primetime seats in assembly so we can dust for lunch
by Tom Butler April 02, 2006
The perfect time to layout and catch some UV rays. Anytime between 11AM - 3PM.
Girl calls up friend -
Girl #1: Hey you should come over.
Girl #2: Not yet, it's only 10. I'll be over at the beginning of primetime.

Girl #1: Alright. Grab some sunscreen, I'm cotton colored right now.
by lUVr@ys! June 24, 2010
1- Noun - Perfect time for something terrible to happen

2 - Adjective - amazing turn of events
Dis be a primetime, ya meen!

That nucca be primtime!
by TTAOG August 02, 2005
The act of gaining webcam attention in a google+ "hangout" session. Futher information: Google+ has a hangout feature. This is a webcam party. It uses voice detection to make you the focus of the session.
I spoke and got prime time in my google+ hangout.
by videoguy June 30, 2011

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