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A person lacking in charm, tact, wit, wisdom, intelegence, and any other qualites that are generally regarded as positive in a character.
Del Boy: "Rodney you Primavesi!!!!!"
BA Baracus:"I pitty the Primavesi"
by who do you think? March 06, 2003
One who is engaged but when said question was asked to him was in no fit state to remember his answer. We do!
Congratulations Primavesi, for what he says
by HAHA October 20, 2003
To'wave' it all goodbye!

Dont Primavesi mate, make sure you pass!
by Commander Mike Metcalf June 19, 2003
From the latin Primativus-lazi-eye.

A she-male that loses at chess to his girlfriend
At least the Voldemort hasnst done a primi!!
by Dangermouse June 12, 2003
one who wins at chess
ben lost to primavesi again
by Anonymous February 20, 2003
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