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Prigapint: (n)
1. Someone, usually male, who appear to be listening to a girl rant about her woes, interests, events, etc. but are actually thinking about other things- such as how he can get with her, when the next football game is, etc.etc.

2. A bad listener who doesn't care about anyone else's feelings towards a subject, like it doesn't appear important to them.

Synonyms: Prick, Asshole

Other Forms: Prigapincy- (n) the state of being a prigapint
Sarah: "I'm so excited for homecoming, I don't know what to wear yet! I have to figure out where I'm going to buy the dress, it should be colorful so I can stand out..."

John: "Yeah, you had sex with him yesterday, right?"

Sarah: *sigh* "This is really important to me, quit being such a prigapint!"
by notstupidyouknow August 27, 2009
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