Despite everyone's definitons of pride being equated to self-respect, it is much more than that. It is an exaggerated form of self-respect, also called VANITY. Pride is a feeling of independence from God--thinking you don't need him in your life and that you alone can accomplish anything without regards to God's provision. It is tooting your own horn, being the Captain of your own ship (hey, Captain, your ship is sinking), and giving yourself a pat on the back just for being the arrogant bafoon you see in the mirror.

Pride is the BIGGEST sin and labeled an "abomination", according to the Bible, and is the root cause of ALL sin. Pride caused Lucifer to rebel against God and become Satan to deceive the human race. Pride caused Adam and Eve to sin against God, thinking they would be like him if they ate the forbidden fruit, thus plunging the world into sin. And it is pride that will be the cause of mankind literally waging war against God in the last days, only to be defeated and cast into hell.

Pride is very dangerous because it is not easily noticed by even the person who has it; usually everyone else can see it except the person who has it. Signs of pride include: refusing to accept instruction or correction or discipline, not admitting your mistakes, blaming others for your mistakes and shortcomings, looking down on others, and doing things YOUR way rather than God's way.
Pride is a dangerous sin that is resisted by God, according to the Bible. It is the opposite of humility. A sense of pride WILL keep a person out of heaven as the Bible teaches. Period. And the sad thing is that most of us have it.
by krock1dk August 03, 2008
Is a group of pretty women or men.
the guys were amazed when the pride walked accross the road.
by Darrell (Pops) Wilson February 21, 2008
Nick name for someone who has NO pride in ones self.
What does pride mean to you? RESPONSE: I have none.
by Moonshine October 18, 2003
Pride of friends: the collective noun for a small, clique-like circle of friends who posses remarkable fidelity to one another, comparable to that of a pride of lions.
My pride are the best homeys
by Guinevere77 December 01, 2014

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