commonly used as the phrase
'look at all that pride'
'look at all that motherfucking pride'
this phrase suggests an immense amount of satisfaction with oneself or with another fellow being.
look at all that pride
by drpride February 27, 2011

1. a feeling of greatness/superiority based on one's origin, often said randomly, ocassionally followed by some sort of secret handshake and/or high five

asian pride, jew pride
Person 1: hey so tell me bout yourself
Person2: well man, im 16 i like hangin wit my homies JEW PRIDE and sometimes JEW PRIDE i do my homework JEW PRIDE
Person 1: uhhhhh, gotta go.way too much pride for me to handle!
by shadow August 18, 2004
A term used when one drunkenly attempts to text the word "prude". Thus causing the receiver of the text message to feel a sense of morals and respect instead of the feeling of resentment toward the drunken individual.
Dan: you're a pride
Nina: o thank you?
Dan: Prude*
Nina: F*ck you!
by irishgirl288 September 17, 2009
To quote Ayn Rand:

"Pride is the recognition of the fact that you are your own highest value and, like all of man’s values, it has to be earned."
Uh..example? What? Why must I provide an example?
by A equals A April 11, 2005
A feeling of pleasure associated with admirable possessions
The man had great pride for his Hungarian Nuts.
by NutMan July 28, 2013
to be proud of something or someone of value.
she sure has pride in her country, watch as she salutes the flag!
by AMERICAN! February 13, 2003
A feeling of independence and self worth in ones abilities to provide for themselves all the things that every other grown adult can, quite easily.

Absent more often than not in ex wives and "baby mamas".
I have no pride. I divorced you, not your skill set and expertise in all things automotive and household maintenance. For free too, and thanks for the child support and alimony check. Get said project done before I return from my salon appointment.
by Selfsufficient August 30, 2013

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