A large pack of cougars surrounding a young male
Young guy 1: "I'm stuck in Reno in the middle of a pride right now"

Young guy 2: "A pride?"

Young guy 1: "A pack of cougars"
by Illegitimate kids in Compton October 12, 2009
Gay and Lesbian Pride. In particular, the celebrations that happen every year commemorating the Stonewall Riots, that usually involve a parade and/or festival.
Robert danced with his husband Phillip at pride.

"Are you going to pride this Saturday?"
"No, I have to work. My boss is a homophobic breeder, and says I can't."
by Homolicious August 07, 2006
He had pride in himself for not giving in to his temptations
by Anonymous March 24, 2003
Something that gay people have and you don't.
Gay Person 1: Are you going to pride?
Gay Person 2: Who doesn't go to pride?
Random straight guy: Me?

*Gay Person 1 and 2 silently laugh*
by TooFabulous July 20, 2011
a nickname guys use for their penis.
she wants the pride.
by =]] October 07, 2007
A man's "family jewels" or his penis because of culture's obsession with sons carrying down the family name.
"Ow! The kid just kicked his family's pride."
by harassmik June 18, 2005
Pvt. Cha.

6th Platoon soldier of the late 90's famous for never keeping rank above E-1 for more than a week. Also famous for raving, smoking on the general's lawn, bragging about New Jersey, seeing devils and occasionally the devil.
Here comes Pvt. Cha, the Pride of Alpha Company.

"Have you seen the Pride of Alpha Comapany lately?" "Yeah, the Pride of Alpha Company is in his barracks room, he's afraid to come out because he thinks 'Da Debil' is waiting outside."
by Anonymous August 05, 2004

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