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When a photo of someone makes them look like a complete prick. This is often the case when someone is either drunk or trying to impress someone else. The result is usually embarrassment when the person discovers what they looked like in the photo. Unless, of course, they are a prick and always act like that.
Ken: "Hey John, have you seen the pictures of last night on Facebook?"

John: "No, why?"

Ken: "There are some epic prictures of you, you were acting so stupid last night"

John: "Give it a rest"
#prick #picture #pictures #pricturs #prictures #pricture #pricks #dickpic
by 5f17dd871da December 16, 2009
A photograph of a guys penis.
Hey sexy man, I'm horny. Do you want to exchange prictures?
#penis #dick #picture #cock #schlong
by coifdood December 17, 2012
A dick pic
A picture of man's genital area.
I sent her a pricture late last night.
#pricture #dick #penis #picture #photo
by 8sh September 19, 2015
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