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This is a special group of automobile owners that are always on the lookout for there enemies and how to do some real shit. But these guys are just ANY automobile owners, these motherfuckers own PREVIAS niggah. They were established in 1967 after the owner of the first previa, Rajamohan who uses his alias Mohan, won the spinners compitition beating his true enemy Bombah who owned his very own Chrysler Minivan. A band of Previas were dispatched from the headquarters of Previa Patrol and from then on they are seen helping out any people that may be stranded and in need of help and they aren't shy to fuck up a Minivan when theres one around. Recent word on the street claims that the Previa Patrol has made an alliance with the leader of the Volkswagon "Hippie" Vans, Ravi Shockalingham, to take out the Minivans once and for all.
Also look into ravi and sivam
"Yo, I heard the Previa Patrol's coming. QUICK hide your VAN pussy!"
"Shit you sivam go fuck a Previa"
"Mohan's coming fo YOU bitch"
"Bad Boy, Bad Boy, What you gonna do, What you gonna do when dem Previas come for you!"
by Ravi Shockalingham September 08, 2005
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