The act of performing a prank or act of humiliation on one who has not yet, but you believe will, upset or humiliate you at some point.
Im not waiting for that douchebag Jerry to humiliate me, i got my prevenge by setting off stink bombs in his locker.
by Senor Smiley Face April 26, 2010
Top Definition
Like revenge, but without waiting for the act to occur.
Sure that Saddam Hussein would attack the USA, the acting president got prevenge by attacking first.
by Larry Montgomery February 02, 2004
the act of taking revenge before the event that made you want revenge
billy was going to kill ed's dad, so ed took out prevenge on the mofo
by blitzwolf October 04, 2004
Get them before they get you.
Why wait until after you get screwed over? Practice prevenge, you will feel better.
by Mary & Abbi October 12, 2004
To do unto others before it is done unto you.
She took prevenge on her boyfriend by eating the last piece of pizza before he could. Ha, prevenge!!! She also took prevenge on her boyfriend by farting in the car and locking the windows so he could not escape. Prevenge!!
by Dearzy The Great November 14, 2009
An act of revenge committed with a priori knowledge of the act to be revenged.
In "Full Metal Jacket", Private Pyle deserved his "blanket party", as it was an act of prevenge for his later killing of Gny. Sgt. Hartman.
by Nostrildamus October 26, 2007
to avenge somebody before the action occurs. also known as preemptive action. An action the make revenge meaningless.
I would have been killed by those drunken idiots, but Tom intervened and prevenged me. If only I could have prevenged him from the battery charges that followed.
by Man Tis August 18, 2010
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