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Adult children living at home while pretending to be self sufficient.
Pretendependent is like my 23 year old daughter, who lives at home, but wants to act like she is on her own.
Daughter: "I can come home at anytime of the night I want to, I'm an adult!"
Parent: "Of course you can, when you have your own place, in the mean time please check the name on the property title, my house, my rules."
by jdtam September 01, 2010
A young adult of legal age pretending to be independent while still living at home, driving mom and dad's car, etc...Pretending to be independent...Pretendependant!
Joanna bragged about her new shoes, which she could only afford because as a pretendependent, she has discretionary money to spend.
by ultraskinpro February 28, 2012