Fecal matter or residue left on underwear caused from improper wiping practices; shit stains.
Man, last week when I was doing laundry I noticed my grandmother's panties were full of pret.

Did you see when Tim wiped his mouth after eating chocolate pie? His napkin looked like it had pret.
by Wild Bill Suckock May 18, 2011
Top Definition
Someone is so full of himself,arrogant and makes up stories to fuel his infamy or can means someone who looks really ugly. Pret was derived from the sound when you shit..Pret
What a pret,he woulld'nt stop talking about himself and he was so proud.


Look at her,she looks like pret.
by Dirty Rocky November 25, 2009
pretentious preppy who's got his whole life predetermined and who is usually so sure of himself (usually someone of upper class who is born into a rich family) - arguably from "pretentious" or the French "prêt" meaning "ready".
Yeah he's got his Jaguar and his 90k a year job handed down from his papa. He's only 24. That's just pure pret, man.
by Jon C May 04, 2004
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