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An act of disrespect or initiation technique. You choose a guy that you totally hate, or someone who really wants to be part of your group of friends. In the middle of the night, he must be bound to his bed and gagged without his knowing. All of this is happening to him by at least three guys wearing suits -- minus any form of pants -- and different president masks on the faces of each. Then, the presidents proceed to fadonk the victim until they decide they're done...something that person will remember for the rest of his life.
Brander: "Dude, I think I got fadonked by five presidents last night in my bed, but I hope it was a dream..."
Mikey: "Actually, I heard some people planning a Presidential Smackdown for someone, so it definitely wasn't a dream...I'm sorry man."
by B-RAM April 20, 2007
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