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A nickname for the hip hop producer: "DJ Premier"
"Damn son, u heard Preemo on dis new Evidence track??"
by supwitchamoms September 22, 2011
Preemo (pronounced: Pree-Moe): Synonymous for "awesome", "great", "dandy", etc...
Wow, this used paintball gun I bought for $75 works preemo. What a preemo deal!
by Creator_of_all_things_preemo April 08, 2010
Top Quality Marijuana :)
Dude my buddy Brody has the bomb fucking preemos man..
by VivaLaVida September 02, 2008
The highest rank of Emo.
Amongst the ranks of the Emo cohort, the Preemo reigns supreme!
by sp'archin' April 09, 2011
An almost Emo kid who wears Vans , tighter band t shirts and jeans . Doesn't label them self Emo but is accused to be Emo . Or a kid who is most likely going to be Emo and is aware of this . A genre of Music kinda like Fall Out Boy or Panic!at the disco .
Some guy : "God how Emo is he ?"
Other guy : "Nah she's pre-Emo"
by And you care ? January 07, 2007
A child not in high school that acts emo and has no reason to act emo except that he/she has role models that are emo.
Look at all the sevies; they all are such preemos.
by Robbs March 15, 2008
Pre-emo. Music of the late nineties and early 2000s that featured whiny lyrics but still rocked.
Hoobastank's music paved the way for what is now referred to as "Emo." It is definitely a PreEmo band.
by Harmy G May 18, 2007