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Getting slightly intoxicated before going outside of your residence to drink with your friends in public. Commonly practiced by poorer or more frugal individuals who still want to go out and have a good time.
"I only have ten dollars for drinks for the whole night so I have to get predrunk at Dave's before we went out to the clubbbb to get for realz drunk."
by TheDarkRaver August 28, 2009
When you are drunk before you go out
We were going to the club but I was too predrunk to get in
by pateypatterson February 04, 2011
the state of euphoria when you know that you will be getting drunk later

also known as pd
we were so pre drunk at dinner today we couldnt stop laughing
by one ill bitch October 16, 2009
The term used to describe one's state before one is to be referred to as 'drunk'. The second fifth of the 'Inebriate' circle - Sober, Pre-Drunk, Drunk, Post-Drunk, and Hungover. Symptoms include slurring words, slight loss of memory and heightened social cohesion.
"Oh my god, I am soooo pre-drunk right now! Can't wait to get tooootally smashed!" said the hoe.
by Portly Manor April 26, 2010
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