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The act of knowing you will procrastinate, before one has actually procrastinated.
John: Hey man, wanna work on that project tonight?

Me: Nah, I'll probably just do it last minute... you know, procrastinate

John: So... you know you're going to procrastinate... isn't that precrastination?
by ThatAUguy April 11, 2013
A behavior which is characterized by doing things before even knowing what to do.
Theo was a terrible precrastinator. His precrastination always caused big messes that had to be cleaned up by others.
by Emperor MAR July 14, 2009
A compulsive disorder that requires the sufferer to do everything as soon as they can.
Stu was a precrastinator. He just wasn't happy until he had done everthing that he needed to do. He was never happy.
by Edd Rayner February 11, 2004
The rare act of getting something done before tomorrow. The complete opposite of procrastination.
Zach: Oh, man. I hate English 2015. Don't you have to write your paper, too?

Billy: Nope, I joined precrastination nation and did work on that thing, got it done almost a week ago.

Zach: *breaks down and cries*

Billy: *hands him a tissue and pats his back* It'll be okay, buddy.
by Nubzilla3 December 06, 2009
Delaying having to procrastinate as much as possible.
Person A: Stop all this precrastination
Person B: I've got plenty of time; I'll get around to procrastinating later.
by coconutpourer May 25, 2011
The act of delaying an action prior to actually delaying an action. It's the ultimate in procrastination....really being lazy and unfocused and NOT wanting to start whatever it is that you need to do.
I really did NOT want to do the term paper for my history class. I did not think about it, did not talk about it, did NOTHING about it. It was a total act of precrastination!! Then after I remembered that I needed to to the paper, I went to the movies, played ball and further procrastinated. I eventually handed in the paper late.
by AnnieBannani February 24, 2010
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