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To always have cock on one's mind.

To be preoccupied with cock.
I tried to talk politics with Cindy, but all she wanted to do was blow balls. I never met a girl that was so precockupied!

by Michael P September 16, 2006
1)A woman that is sleeping with a man she has a crush on that isnt returing the affection she desires.
3) A woman that is in a "dead end" relationship that she doesnt want to leave until she finds a "really great guy"
3)A woman that is emotionally and mentally unavialable due to an attachment to a man or relationship yet she claims to be "open to dating" and finding another man.
Dont set John up with Brenda. She is Precockupied with Steve and will only waste Johns valuable time, money, and efforts.
by Rummieh December 06, 2006
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