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Pre Traumatic Stress Disorder: The condition of feeling traumatized before a particularly unpleasant event happens.
Dude I think I have Pre-TSD, I am dreading going to the ballet with my mother for the next 5 hours.
by JohnM86 May 19, 2013
Pre-Traumatic Stress Disorder. For a time-travelling resistance fighter, the stress disorder that results from dealing with traumatic events that technically have not happened...yet. But they damn sure will if you don't keep that robot from killing the girl. Or stop those robots from killing your son.
"I just had a nightmare about death machines dancing the macarena down a highway made of skulls."

"Hasn't happened yet, dude. Ever since you jumped outta the time machine you've had a serious case of Pre-TSD."
by Don'tFeedTheManagement March 08, 2014
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