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The food version of Pre-Gaming.

What you do when you are expected to attend a large dinner at an expensive restaurant celebrating something.

The act of eating a full meal before the actual dinner so that you either don't have to eat, or can order something small and inexpensive at the restaurant.

Can be used as a verb: Pre-mealing
Amber W. "yeah her birthday dinner is tonight and my bank account is in the negative..."

Amber H: "hmm I was thinking pre-meal around 6?"

Amber W: "Sounds good to me!"
by Amber & Amber September 30, 2010
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Required preparation for a dinner where all food items are alcoholic. In order to prevent coma, a small pre-meal must be consumed to absorb the effects of a later meal consisting of dishes like gazpacho with vodka, alcohol-infused watermelon, and rice, beans, and rum.
Lynn: I can't wait for my alcohol potluck tonight! I'm bringing chicken a la gin.

Fallon: Are you having a pre-meal?

Lynn: No.

Fallon: Prepare to die.
by The Alkie March 13, 2010

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