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an unnecessary exercise put forward by the LA program at Guelph University to torture undergrad students
I'm handing out this praxis and it's due in a couple of days!
#assignment #homework #project #task #charge
by Guelph LA Student January 26, 2011
From Ancient Greek πρᾶξις (praksis): action, activity, practice.

In contemporary usage: “I'm going to tell you how to do your shit, and you should listen, because I have a degree in cultural studies.”
A truly liberatory praxis must never fail to neglect the counter revolutionary tendencies of the running dogs of the imperialist petty bourgeoisie, but rather contribute towards the construction of a radically public discourse of revolution.
#action #activity #practice #technique #act
by mvc October 21, 2012
The combining of theory and practice of performance and using it to expand the art.
In performance studies specifically praxis is combining theory and practice making the reaction stronger
#dance #theatre #performance #theory #practice
by ENC_Editor January 11, 2010
A City on Cybertron.
We found a youngling in Praxis after the 'Cons razed it.
#transformers #cybertron #iacon #kaon #praksis
by Kakagea November 21, 2009
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