The dry crusty tissue that results after wiping up cum from a wank.
Fuck man, how longs it been since you been with someone, I bet you have hundreds of prawn crackers under your bed.
by lemonmeringuepie September 07, 2008
Top Definition
Alternative expression of complete retardedness.
Girl: She's so random.
Boy: She's prawn crackers.
by alexandra anarchy April 25, 2008
the crispy remains of tissues used for mopping up man milk, which have been left under the bed forgotten
just been in your brothers room and it is full of prawn crackers the little strummer
by Dan Glibals March 03, 2009
Derogatory term for a part-asian, part-white person.
That Neo dude from The Matrix.... he's a prawn cracker.
by Serbit AU February 05, 2016
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