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Long Cv!!!
someone who sits naked in front of his computer and chats with some people..not with every1 but with some ppl the malteses and austalians...Long Cv!ZeCv!pravesh!marchand kotex!a pervert!
Long Cv!ZeCv!pravesh!marchand kotex!
by Jihaan ~Candybabe~ September 28, 2007
The baby boy or baby girl name Pravesh comes from the Indian word which means, "Enter."

People with this name tend to be decisive and good with money. They try to have a balance between the physical and the spiritual worlds. They can often be a successful entrepeneur, and are often striving to reach ever higher goals and positions.
Pravesh is a good at business - he is very entrepreneurial!
by zakomauricien May 12, 2011

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