Being a dick to random people on the street.
Yo so today we're gonna prank some black people by asking them to have sex with them.
by ClusterFuck December 01, 2015
A word to say when something doesn't go according to plan. E.g
*Robs a bank*

Police: I'ma shoot you
You: It's a prank
Police: You're free to go
by wordexpert123 April 01, 2016
To call a person's mobile phone but only just long enough to produce two or three rings. Used as a signal for you to call the person who has 'pranked' you or vice versa.
Okay, man. Prank me when you wanna be picked up
by pedders August 22, 2005
To own one via telephone by way of hiding one's telephone identity.; Mastered by UGRadio.
Nigga Tyrone pranked his bitch ass!
by UGRadio March 04, 2003
acronym for Pigs Rigs And Naughty Kids. Fuckin' avin it gabba/hardcore sound system.
by razor August 29, 2003
To dress up as members of foreign royalty, sheiks, film stars, and book a tour on the state of the art naval warship, such as the Dreadnought. Thereby making the (insert nation) Navy looking like a right pillock.
What a prank! Bunga Bunga!
by Kerb November 29, 2004
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