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Whatever you have ever called someone before forget it,' pral' is the word of 2012, the word that is spreading like acne after you have scratched whatever it is you need to scratch!

It began in the South Yorkshire area in late 2011 and now everyone seems to be mad fer pral. Similar to the word 'pal' in spelling only, 'pral' is a unique variant of any word you wish to use.
Should watch rise of the planet of the apes 'pral' is a fine example of 'pral' used in a context that can easily be understood.
by Anon 2k12 February 29, 2012
A competetive person who pushes it to the limit in all senses of the word. This person takes everything to the max and then to the extreme.

AKA: Beast, Beast From the East, Sungod, Money, Nepal, goats

-Goat Curling in the Himalayas, thats so pral.

-leg press 1 ton, so pral

-Sungod comes originated from pral

-"I just did ABS", pral

by YoMUm March 14, 2008

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