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4 definitions by YoMUm

From Ancient Sankrit:
Abhaycharan: "One Who Is not Afraid Because He Believes in GOD"

OR in simpler words: FEARLESS

Also can be someone who is so money he doesnt even know it.... or not.
That was crazy, I cant belive he just punched that cop in the face- Classic Abhaycharan.

"Get out out of here with that bullshit "

I cant believe he just called him a faggetron to his face, Abhaycharan is the man.

by YoMUm March 15, 2008
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Nepal Slang for an attractive female or general word to be used as positive adjective. See Definition for Money. Sungod
To describe a Female:
-Yo check out the ass on that Sungod.
-Look at the tits on that sungod i just wanna motor-boat em.

As a positive adjective:

-Yo that hair is so sungod

-Look at those rims, definetly uber-sungod
by YoMUm March 14, 2008
6 1
A person of low demeanor and high levels of inappropriateness, thats a dousch bag.
Men who wear pony-tails through the hole in a baseball cap, Usually from Sri-Lanka, Like a porn director. dousch bag
by YoMUm March 13, 2008
34 31
A competetive person who pushes it to the limit in all senses of the word. This person takes everything to the max and then to the extreme.

AKA: Beast, Beast From the East, Sungod, Money, Nepal, goats

-Goat Curling in the Himalayas, thats so pral.

-leg press 1 ton, so pral

-Sungod comes originated from pral

-"I just did ABS", pral

by YoMUm March 14, 2008
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