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To act out, without a care, in any fashion. Disregard for the feelings and opinions of your peers, and pursuing your goals unhindered.
Dave: "What are you doing?!"
You: "PRAAAB!"

Dave: "Last night was crazy."
You: "We were straight prabbin'. "
by Unktone June 12, 2014
Mind blowing. Electrifying.
That is so Prabs.

I passed my physics class, a truly prabs experience.
by rockchya February 03, 2011
doubt it, no

Camp tecumseh
cool kid-ur cool
cool kid- prabs

im ganna prabs u in the but
by Camp tecumseh February 25, 2005
Personally Really Annoying Boy

A boy who is very stalker-like or just happens to be annoying. Can also be a person of the male gender who is very idiotic or mis-informed. (NOUN)
Boy: Hey. Fancy Meeting You Here... Huh?
You: (He's such a prab!)
You: Of course... how are you?
by hipster// July 07, 2011
Pass out, Roll Away, Bail

a step by step system that guarantees the avoidance of a person or people who you dont want to talk to
annoying girl: "hey! how are you? i havent seen you in ages blah blah"

guy: "errr" *PRAB*

annoying girl: "uhhh?" *leaves vicinity*

spam avoided
by dolpan September 06, 2010
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