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A load of sperm infected with the aids virus, Often dropped in loads or bombs on to unsuspecting victims.
My favorite way to contract aids is to have a giant poz load in my eyes. God i love aids. A lot.
by Silenthobo August 01, 2006
The word, meaning HIV-positive semen ejaculations, first started on a gay men forum, where the users wanted to find HIV negative people and infect them. While this is serious and they shouldn't be doing this, it is very funny to hear them talk.
I'd like to drop my POZ LOADS on the neg butts.
by bttfpromo August 11, 2006
Sperm with aids in it
sgt likes to give strippers poz loads
by ii4l August 31, 2009
Semen containing the HIV virus; often sought by "bugchasers" and given by "giftgivers" who feel that contracting and giving the HIV virus is inherent to the homosexual lifestyle.
I heard that Bryan was going all over Hawaii trying to get a hot pozload from a mahu.
by Little Richards October 15, 2007
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