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A superlative of the word(s) and their like variations bowser, wow, wowser, zowsers; POWSER is the greatest degree of this adjective / adverb. Bowser is the least degree of superlative and is a bitch turtle from Mario Bro's. Wowsers! is a signature expletive expression used by the cartoon character inspector gadget and later by JB wasted.
Those 300cc’s of augmented breasts in that corset, POWSERS! Cock and / or vg blockers are totally bowsers. Finally, JB wants bottle service on a Tuesday, wowsers!
by Chris Fronic February 21, 2008
38 10
Raucous fart that leaves a brown stain in the underpants
The snarling powser from the previous evening left a shit stain in his pants such that his one night stand shrank back from in anguish when she spotted them on her bedroom floor
by qwertyu3 December 05, 2008
3 6