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A preppy, girly person.
A Powerpuff walked by wearing a mini purse.
by BubleeZ November 08, 2005
puff, puff, PUFF. pass.
dat guushyyt: wait, is it puff, or puff puff?
juicy shyyt: nigga it's powerpuff!
dat guushyyt: hell yea
by the shyyts. March 22, 2009
The act of smoking a cigarette fast.
School starts in two minutes so you better Power Puff that thing.
by Heat R. Dweeter March 09, 2010
The Act of having sex while wearing a Power Puff Girl costume. After the woman cum's the women sprinkles marshmallows over the man and then takes a bat and beats the man.
"Hey did you get some last night man?"
"Yeah, but she turned out to be a Power Puff Girl. She power puffed me!"
by The Power Puff Dragon January 02, 2009
When either a blunt or joint gets down to the end you take one big hit and pass it, but u have to hold the hit in till its ur turn to hit it again.
Hey man lets Power Puff this blunt
by J-Dub_620 October 06, 2008
Awesome, a most richeous thing, cool, mondo, da bomb, just so damn powerpuff!
Dude, that is just so powerpuff.
by Greg July 30, 2003