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A powerpoint presentation containing lots of flashy animations, cool pictures, and all sorts of other snazzy gimmics, but almost entirely lacking in any real substance.
Didn't the VP's presentation just blow you away? I loved the falling apples turning into dollar bills.

But what was the point?

Dunno; it was definitely a powerpuff presentation.
by jigsawz67 March 10, 2011
When the temperature in a conference or meeting room is turned way down to ensure that no one will be able to nod off during a meeting.
Man, is the temperature in that room hosed again? My fingers were numb by the end of that staff meeting!

Nah, I saw them jack the temperature down about 20 degrees right before the meeting started. Bob will lull everyone to sleep unless they make it a polarpoint presentation.
by jigsawz67 March 04, 2011
When you have to give a presentation but can't quite figure out how to create charts and graphs in powerpoint, so you just use some drawing program like MS-Paint to make your pictures and paste them in.
Nifty gantt chart in your presentation. I didn't know Powerpoint could do that.

It can't. That was a powerpaint presentation.
by jigsawz67 March 04, 2011
To have produced a significant amount of tangible work in a relatively short period of time. Typically associated with writing computer software, but can also be applied to writing reports, documents, manuals, songs, or grants.
Man, I'm on a roll. I just slammed out the rest of that beta code during my lunch hour!
by jigsawz67 February 23, 2011
A take on the old expression 'pennies from heaven', in which a person expecting to get paid some money owed them when they most need it, is left with nothing or much less than expected.
Man1: I gotta come up with a hundred bucks to pay that speeding ticket before my old man finds out. Hey, remember that fifty you borrowed a couple weeks back?

Man2: Oh, yeah; right. Listen; I'll get that to you in a couple weeks, K?

Man 1: Ah, you're leaving me with paychecks from purgatory!
by jigsawz67 February 23, 2011
In contrast to "riding my ass", which is when someone pesters you about NOT doing a certain task, this pertains to when someone harps on you about spending TOO MUCH time on a task or project; particularly one involving the upkeep or improvement of a car or motorcycle.
Wife: Another thing; you spend way too much of your free time working on that old junker in the garage!

Husband: Quit assing my ride!
by jigsawz67 March 22, 2011
Someone who hogs a gym machine or other apparatus during their workout; refusing to allow others to use it even while they rest between sets.
Man, that snotilus wouldn't budge from the leg press, even though he was just sitting there and fiddling with his ipod for half an hour.
by jigsawz67 March 04, 2011

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