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Powerkick (noun): The moment when one is fully airborne forming a pose resembling a cross between a leaping air guitar and a flying snap kick.

Life is full of expressions and inspirations, ways to express yourself and ways to inspire others. The PowerKicK is the way to let the world know You Are Here and You Have Something To Say.

Throughout the world people are expressing themselves and finding inspiration. The possibilities are endless. The PowerKicK is the perfect way to express your individuality because, like a snowflake, no two PowerKicKs are ever the same.

Everyone’s PowerKicKing style is unique. The PowerKicK is best shown off in the most beautiful, bizarre and outrageous places in the world.

If that means you PowerKicK underwater at the Great Barrier Reef or next to the totem poles of Southeast Alaska, go ahead and PowerKicK!!

Who knows, you may be the inspiration a person from Timbuktu or Waterloo needs to step outside their comfort zone and push their limits. Push YOUR Limits and PowerKicK your future!
I am going to PowerKicK off the bridge.

Why don't you PowerKicK at the baseball game?

He PowerKicKed in front of the Statue.

She PowerKicKed her teacher.

I can't wait to PowerKicK when I get to the Leaning Tower of Pisa.

I am going to PowerKicK my future!
by PowerKicK December 27, 2010
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