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The almost mythical combination of Powerade, Goon and Solo. PowerGoolo, often referred to as "The Nectar of the Gods" unites the restorative, hangover busting qualities of Powerade, with the refreshingly intoxicating characteristics of Goolo.

Powergoolo: Hydrate, Inebriate, Procreate, Don't Wait!
"Drinking PowerGoolo is a religious experience of such wonder I'll be recommending that it be named as the new Holy Trinity" - Pope Benedict XVI

Bloke 1: Sorry mate I can't come to the cricket on Friday I have a job interview the next day.
Bloke 2: Don't worry they're serving PowerGoolo, you'll probably do better at your interview for it. As long as you're quads aren't too sore from all the babes you'll be getting.
by Gooooloooo March 18, 2011

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