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1. A person who is familiar with the advanced, uncommon functions of a system.
2. An underhanded slight, directed at a person with an overly high opinion of their abilities or opinion: derogatory.
1. "He was using all these crazy shortcuts; it was amazing", "Yeah. He's pretty much a power user."
2. "So he turned a simple request into a huge debate over architecture..." "What a power user!"
by d_to_the_m_an November 22, 2010
1. People who know the advanced features of a computer operating system.
2. What business people who don't actually know anything about computers call themselves when all they can do is make spreadsheets in Excel. :

1. I just installed a new GUI to Debian! Now to overlock my processor so I can get shit done!

2. The following is a real story from my old job:
Lady: *Calls Me(IT Guy)*
Me: Hello?
Lady: Yes, is this IT I'm speaking with?
Me: Yes.
Lady: I'm normally a "Power User" but lately, Windows has been SO slow! I would like it if you could help me.
Me: Ok, would you like me to come over to your office?
Lady: No, it's fine.
Me: Well, could you answer these questions?
Lady: Yes. Why is it so slow?
Me: Have you updated Windows?
Lady: No.
Me: Do you have Windows 7?
Lady: Why do you want me to downgrade? I already have Windows 95!
Me: Have you downloaded any viruses?
Lady: No, my doctor said I'm fine.
Me: Umm...Well, have you clicked on any suspicious E-Mails?
Lady: Yes! I'm still waiting for my new iPhone!
Me: *Facepalm*
by The Man with the Plan In a Can March 29, 2012
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