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Power shifting is a technique used by drag racers in order to achieve faster acceleration and lower elapsed times during a race. To power shift a manual transmission vehicle, after inital launch and upon reaching the engine's power curve peak, you must keep the accelerator fully depressed, apply the clutch, upshift, and release the clutch. This must be done quickly and smoothly in order not to damage the engine by over revving during the shift. Power shifting is used only for upshifting, never for downshifting.
If you power shift while drag racing, you'll achieve a shorter quarter mile elapsed time.
#race #clutch #granny shifting #double clutching #flatfoot shifting
by mean13 August 29, 2009
The shift in control or "power" between partners in a relationship - Can be affected by who called/texted/emailed last, who said i love you first!!

Person in power is said to have the "upper hand"
"It's the powershift!!" - What else can I put??
#power hungry #equal partnership #upper hand #status quo #inequality
by Darren/Kristy September 21, 2006
On a manual transmission car, power shifting is when you shift gears without using the clutch - waiting for just the right RPM, and then slamming the stick from one gear to the next.

Power shifting is advantageous if done correctly because you change gears without spending any time clutched in - during which time your car normally cannot accelerate.
"Dude that guy can power shift really good, if you race him, you'll get owned."

"... Yeah but I heard he's on this third tranny now."
#powershift #power-shift #clutch #clutchless gear change #clutchfree shift
by asfsafasf asf asef asef ase September 13, 2008
to stay on the gas while holding in the clutch causing your tiers to squeel
power shifting in the walmart parking lot pisses people off.
#power #shift #burnout #squeel #warm up the tiers
by Lane H. January 19, 2008
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