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A. A place everyone there hates, yet spends an inordinate amount of their daily lives at.
B. One of the strongest pools of anti-Nintendo fandom (and downright fan-dumb) on the known.
C. The hospital bed, on which the once great Nsider community slowly, painfully dies.

(credit for definition goes to subach_innes of Nsider2)
Guy 1 : Man, I really need to rant about some pointless videogame shit on the internet..
Guy 2 : Power On is your place, my friend!
by Mushroomer March 01, 2009
The most popular board on a forum full of losers called NSider2. Generally filled with video game and/or movie discussions, with occasional "relationship advice" streaks and talk of "serious issues." You'll also find atleast 10,000 posts featuring just the face ":|".

This is where every popular Internet meme goes to die.

P1: My gf doesn't like me playing videogames. wut du i do power on???

P2: :|

P3: lolwut

P4: ps trippllllle inb4lock lol

P5: "inb4lock lol" :|
by That guy over there. March 01, 2009
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