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A slang term for "poor person" or "poverty", used often by Ja'mie in Summer Heights High.
It's not their fault that they're pover public school bitches!
by satyrincyprus July 15, 2009
puh-ver - To urinate while hovering over a filthy toilet.
The toilet was so disgusting I had to p'over!

by minderee August 15, 2006
A carrier of the rare "P-Virus" sexual transmitted disease. To date, he is the only known carrier.

Also identifiable by the mating call "but thassss not aaaaallll..." usually delivered with copious tapping of his gargantuan nose.
Povers: What do you get when you cross a duck with a cow?

Unfortunate Victim: What?

Povers: A DUCKCOW!
by ppd1000- June 07, 2011
When you see a girl and you want to tell your friend that you would bang her.
*women walks by*
Guy 1: Oh my god...
Guy 2: 100% pover
by babuman333 March 04, 2014
a sleepover but just take the sleep off and add the p---great word
Tommorow we will be having a pover
by Hannah Brigham September 03, 2005
a sleepover usually including to high school girls. sexual relations may occur, but there is no actual proof. this may include all high school girls, but most often the seniors.
Girl#1: pover tonight?!
Girl#2: yes! and tomorrow!?
by KaraLindsay January 04, 2010
a sleep over that you have with lots of friends, the last letter of sleeP and the word Over - p'over
Hey girlfriends let's have a p'over friday night and watch movies!!!
by Ciz Fiz August 12, 2005
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