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Students from Saint Pedro Poveda College. Are honest, kind, helpful, smart, and awesome girls. They are A Person For All, Steeped in Prayer and Study, Knowledge and Virtue, Science and Faith. They carry the name of Saint Pedro Poveda who is their founder.
honest Povedan
by innocent_crown 101 November 28, 2010
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Girls who study as Saint Pedro Poveda College. They are usually misinterpreted for being sluts, whores and the like. Although there may be some of those girls in said school, what school, in all honesty, DOESN'T have sluts and whores?
Povedans are misunderstood, and are actually quite kind. It always just depends on who you become friends with. Sadly, the louder ones are usually the sluts, which is why they are so misunderstood.

Contrary to popular belief, they do NOT talk like this:
"Like, OMG, did you, like, see the latest GG episode? OMG it was like, so totally cool!"
Seriously. What the hell. That sounds more like "dumb blonde" speak. Which Povedans aren't.
AC: OMG Povedans are such sluts.
Povedans: Really? Sounds like the pot calling the kettle black. ;)

AC: Povedans are such boy stealers.
Povedans: Thieves? It's not our fault we're hotter than you.
by angelxcollins March 30, 2011
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girls that study in Saint Pedro Poveda College.
Most of them are smart, creative and friendly. Unfortunately, the popular and well-known girls are usually the flirty and loud ones. Thus, non-Povedans are misguided that ALL Povedans are "malandi"(flirty, slutty) and excessively loud. Which is not the truth, because the majority of the Povedan student body consists of unpopular, nice and friendly people.

Think about it: in every school, are there more popular people or more unpopular people?
And this gives us the conclusion that most, if not all Povedans do not fit the "popular-loud-slutty-flirty" stereotype.
And no. Povedans DO NOT talk like this (a truthful note: a small, 1.3% of the student body actually does talk like this)

"oh my gosh! did you finish the science homework? it's like, so hard, so nakakatamad!" (i'm so lazy to finish it!)
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Girls who study in St. Pedro Poveda College. They are really friendly. but they feel like they are cool party girls who are all that. Most of them are sluts who steal guys from other girls. Most of them have attitude problems and act like they are Americans through their accents. They act like they're so rich and all, but the truth is that their tuition is so f*cking cheap.
AC : are one of the Povedans?
POVEDAN : Like, totally! like holy cow, i'm totally here. party at my place tomorrow!
AC : okay.. i wanna be a povedan.
POVEDAN : Yeah, cause we are so cool.

AC : *thinks in her head* as if.... Bitches. 8-| *speaks filipino* pangit-pangit nga ng uniform niyo, e.

translation : as if, you guys have ugly uniforms.
POVEDAN : see you later, alligator. mwah, gorgeous! see you later, babe!
by envybabe2001 July 02, 2009
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