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girls that study in Saint Pedro Poveda College.
Most of them are smart, creative and friendly. Unfortunately, the popular and well-known girls are usually the flirty and loud ones. Thus, non-Povedans are misguided that ALL Povedans are "malandi"(flirty, slutty) and excessively loud. Which is not the truth, because the majority of the Povedan student body consists of unpopular, nice and friendly people.

Think about it: in every school, are there more popular people or more unpopular people?
And this gives us the conclusion that most, if not all Povedans do not fit the "popular-loud-slutty-flirty" stereotype.
And no. Povedans DO NOT talk like this (a truthful note: a small, 1.3% of the student body actually does talk like this)

"oh my gosh! did you finish the science homework? it's like, so hard, so nakakatamad!" (i'm so lazy to finish it!)
by completewasteofapseudonym May 24, 2011

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