the ghetto way to say party
come bu lets go potty!
by thatsright_bitch January 01, 2004
A name for a guy that smokes a lot of weed.
Look at the stoned potty
by kmk June 21, 2004
Verb: To urinate. (Verb version is NOT used to describe going #2. The noun version of potty, since it is the receptacle a person is sitting on, obviously applies to EITHER #1 OR #2).

Adjective: A type of mouth from which foul language has just exited.
Verb example: I have to go potty (as opposed to your kid needing to, or have already GONE poo poo, in which case would say, "daddy, I need to go poo poo," or "daddy, wipe my bum I went poo poo."

Adjective example: "You shut your potty mouth right now," or "Kaytlyn over there is known for her potty mouth."
by Stacy N. October 03, 2005
1. A person with a trashy mouth
Don't use that word, you are such a potty.
by rache February 14, 2004
its bigger than a coffee cup and smaller than a toilet bowl and lil' kids and freaks peepee in it.. ewww!!
Daddy I need to peepee in my potty!!!
by Hairy Pothead November 14, 2003
Pot Head
My husband gets stoned all the time. What a damn potty!
by Bigmama99 April 10, 2015

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