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An individual who is extremely infatuated with the Harry Potter series. Fans of the movies alone don't count. The difference between a mere fan and a Potthead is the difference between having read all of the books and having worn round glasses and a fake scar to not only the premiere of the movies, but the release date of the books.
A: Ohmygodohmygodohmygod I can't wait for the seventh book! I've already read Half-Blood Prince twelve times and -- *gasp* Do you think Jo's going to kill Harry just to be spiteful?? *cries*.

B: Jesus Christ, you're such a Potthead.
by Joanna S. October 04, 2006
The name given to Harry Potter fans
person1: hey man are you a twihard?

person2: HELL NO I'm a Pott head
by f@cer0ck November 22, 2009
The inside joke between harry potter fans about being pott heads refering to potter heads.yeah that's right be jealous you don't have such a funny insider twilight fans!take that!
* Mom looks at kids year book sees pott heads*
mom: what's this about pott?
kid: keep reading
mom: OH!green flashlight and and harry potter never mind
by HumanXDestruction June 26, 2011
Potthead (with two t's) is a term for someone who is obsessed with anything related to Harry Potter

NOT someone who is smokes pot. That would just be a pothead.
Student 1: Have you seen that weird girl walking around school with her Harry Potter backpack and lunchbox?

Student 2: Yeah, that girl is a total potthead.
by HarrilyEverAfter March 19, 2009
Weedsmoker. A man who love marijuana.
-Is this a weed, man?!?
-Yeah. Why?
-Oo you'r a potthead..!
by Nadejda Rado XpensivE October 31, 2006
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