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When a person is inhaling and exhaling nothing but pot.
Closing the windows in your car and enclosing the smoke, making it the only thing you breathe thus creating a Potmosphere
by ItsMadDope August 12, 2009
completely filling an inclosed area with smoke, like hotboxing.
I hotboxed my car last night creating a potmosphere.
by Smokie Desperado March 24, 2007
An atmosphere were there are only positive thoughts. There are no negative thoughts. Just people enjoying the company of other people. Nobody is worried or stressed, but only living in the moment. Everyone is happy.

People are smoking pot and there is a lot of smoke. Most recommended tools: Blunt, joint, and glass bowl in that order. Of course, everyone makes the potmosphere in their own way and experimenting is encouraged.
The potmosphere is amazing right now.

Welcome to the potmosphere. If you are going to stress about your girlfriend, you need to close the door and hit this.
by Bricksei January 02, 2014
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