When you can't wait any more.
I want to reach my potential and take it off the shelf.
by papiDen February 06, 2010
Top Definition
The power to be epic
Im 18, do i have potential??
by notbadboy2 March 17, 2009
Untapped ability to achieve great things.
He's earning mid-B's so far this year, but he has tremendous potential. I think he'll end up with an A if he starts studying.
by Diggity Monkeez February 10, 2005
an underage girl/guy you would fuck, but are too ashamed to say because you'll feel like a pedo.
instead of "i'd fuck her", you say, "she's got potential"
by david March 17, 2004
1) Someones ability to become something. There may of course be good potential or bad potential.

Such potentail usually occours in male adolescents that participate in sports.

In rare cases some people may have to much potentail.

2) Joking about how someone may have potential to suceed or do something good, but will probably fail.
-He had so much potential. We thought he'd be in NBA, but furthest he got was halftime show.

-Must of had to much potential.
by bunstofuns February 23, 2010
Its a nice way of saying that you suck and need to get better at what you do
"Kid, you can go a long way, you have great potential" said the coach to the young athlete.
by criticalchampion March 12, 2015
In business, in which a client/customer requests a quotation for bid to multiple suppliers for a good or service and being the supplier with the greatest chance or potential of winning the bid and receivng a purchase order to provide the good or service.
Wiseman James & Co. has P.O.tential in winning the bid for the widgets due to their good standing relationship with the customer and their special pricing agreement with the manufacturer.

T.F. James LLC displays P.O.tential in all of their quotations submitted due to their competitive pricing and stellar salesmanship.
by Wiseman James January 24, 2013
when you can't see a girl/guy properly, but from whatever angle you saw them they look hot to you
*Girl drives past a guy who isn't standing facing her*
"Oh he has potential"
by alice_in_chains July 01, 2009
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